Cheonho's Recital in November!!

Song for Life 2014

Cheonho's recital before his departure for Japan!!

About "Song for Life"-

"Song for Life" was the title of my first recital in my home town of Yokohama, Japan in 2006. 

At the concert, I premiered the piece called "Song for Life" composed by Hirotake Kitakata. The concept of the piece was to describe my life chronologically since I was born by using key melodies at different stages of my life. 

Anyways, I am not going to play "Song for Life" this time..

But... I thought it would still be a good title to have for this concert.

It's the title of the recital when I left Japan in 2006.
Now I am giving a recital to leave America. Well, I might come back so I don't want to make a big deal.

But It is becoming a big deal. I am so lucky that I can invite many of my colleagues to support me at this concert. (They will save my chops too...) 

It will be a great concert! I would love to see you all hopefully at the concert!

****Thepicture of me was created by my friend Usui Dai in 2006 for the original "Song for Life" concert. We ended up not using this picture for the flyer at that time but I am glad I can finally use it for this concert. Thank you, Dai!


John Freeman, Owen Miyoshi, Carole Klein, Jon Pankin , Trumpet

Christina Kundson, Violin

Jieun Clare Yee, Piano

Music by
Arban, Ewazen, Hubeau, R. Strauss, Turrin etc..

Saturday, November 8th 2014    7pm

Sycamore Gongregational Church (1111 Navellier Street  El Cerrito, CA)

Admission Free- Donation Accepted