I came back to LA on Monday and had a good relaxing week.
Early this week I got a chance to have a concert for kids. That was a lot of fun! They are around 2-6 years old and probably never listened to trumpet that close before... Kids in a front row were covering their ears almost entire time..with smiles:)
 I really enjoyed playing there and kids loved it! At the end I announced that they can try to play trumpet if they want to and everybody wanted!  There was a long waiting line for buzzing. My mouthpiece was.. anyway.

It was very nice to see how kids reacted during the show.  Recently when I play in front of people, it would be in a bigger stage with other people towards the audiences in the dark.  It is sometimes hard to get "connected" reaction back from there.

At this time for kids, I play trumpet all by myself (I used my mac as an accompanist though)  and stand closer to the audiences (kids).  The best thing was that I could clearly see their pleasure! Kids are very very honest about what they feel. It is almost too obvious to see how they are feeling.
Yes, I knew it so I prepared for it, but I still had to make some adjustment to keep their attention to me! It was actually very fun to do mostly because this is totally different performance approach from what I do regularly. I make a decision and create conversations. Surprisingly, my playing went much smoother too...Oh, really?

I am organizing a benefit concert for Japan(April 23rd).  I've gotten good musicians and pieces so it will be good. I really wish it helps people in Japan even though what i am going to do is a tiny thing.
If you live in LA area, please come! If you don't, please pass this information to your friends in LA area!

Time to run. I had a heavy morning...