I was having a wonderful week in Berkeley last week.
We had a great show up there. I've had some great food and met some great people.
After the show, I went out for dinner since I didn't have anything before.
As soon as I go back to the place I was staying, everyone started talking to me. " Is your family ok?"

Earthquakes. In Japan, as you may know, people have a long history of fighting against earthquakes. They've gotten quite a few enormous earthquakes in the past. On the other hand, they've  known how to deal with it. BUT this one was.. the biggest.

I was shocked. I watched news through the internet many times. I believe most of people around the world would have done that day. I tried to call my family but I couldn't reach them immediately. They live in Yokohama/Tokyo so the damage are not very serious. Fortunately my family is fine.

Above greater Tokyo area such as Fukushima, MIyagi are the place where this earthquakes hit directly and  had  immense critical damages. It caused extremely huge Tsunami and  needles to say, the tsunami took many many lives. One small town in Miyagi Prefecture 10 thousand people are still missing out of 17thousand population of entire town.

I would like to support people who are surviving under tragic circumstances.

I am here in USA and I just can't believe it.
I don't won't to freak out. This is the one thing I shouldn't do if I am living outside. I would rather be positive and cheer people up. I will start thinking what I can do from here as a musician.
Thanks for your concern.  Have a nice week everybody!