On the flight back from WV yesterday, a man (around 50s) was sitting next to me.
Since he was on window side, he excused me to go to the lavatory. I went back to sleep.
After a while, ( probably an hour or so) his seat was still empty.
This is... weird.

Right before the landing, fortunately he is back.

 " Did you miss me?"  He smiled.

I said " yes "

He seemed really excited. He says, he found one familiar looking attendant when he got out from the room and it turned out she went to college with him over 30 years ago.  "What a great feeling!!" He almost screamed.

I am 29 but I realized that I haven't kept in touch with my friends from middle school or high school for such a long time. What a shame! so.. I really hope it could happen to me this kind of surprise in the future.

I replied "That's fantastic!! I really thought you passed out in the lavatory."  He laughed.

Yes, It was a long day for me.. I had 2 performances in the morning, got to the airport after, delays, missing a connecting flight...  I am used to it but it was frustrating. He made my awful trip slightly better. Thanks anonymous.