It was a fun but quiet week in WV. Well, the pops show we had was not quiet at all. I couldn't believe how many people were seriously enthusiastic about songs by one group... ABBA. Even kids could sing songs with words! That surprised me. Honesty It was the first time all the audiences in Clay Center totally went wild. I was really happy to be there.

I have 2 days off in Charleston and another week with WVSO will begin.
I have to work productively. There are many things to take care of...Since I leave my home for long time often, many things tend to be procrastinated..

I am feeling that it's time to go for a long run. Hopefully tomorrow morning, If weather allows..
I just ran half marathon last week (in San Diego, I will upload photos)  for 1:36:58. I was aiming for under 1:40 so I am proud of myself..
Full marathon would be next goal for me.
Have a great week everyone.