Montreal Marathon

September 30, 2011
I ran Montreal Marathon! It was a great race. It's not completely flat and easy but I enjoyed a lot! I felt like I saw everything about Montreal after the race.
I am already looking for next race... but I need time to give a break on my knee. It's been hurting for a month... I am glad I could finish this time.

Season Starts

September 4, 2011
I came to Charleston, WV. West Virginia Symphony's 2011-12 season starts tonight!
Yesterday, I ran Charleston Distance run which is a 15 miler with some other orchestra members! That was a fantastic race. Running always makes me find something. I got one from yesterday also. I believe it is going to be a good year. I guess. I am saying that every single year.. anyway, I will do my best tonight!  Hope it doesn't rain

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Great Summer

August 23, 2011
It's been a while... I knew it I can be very lazy about those things.
I had been in Breckenridge, CO at National Repertory Orchestra for 8 weeks. It was an intense 8weeks with great musicians. I had a good time over there but I had more fun with outdoor activities.. Colorado would be an ideal place to live in the future.

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April 3, 2011
I came back to LA on Monday and had a good relaxing week.
Early this week I got a chance to have a concert for kids. That was a lot of fun! They are around 2-6 years old and probably never listened to trumpet that close before... Kids in a front row were covering their ears almost entire time..with smiles:)
 I really enjoyed playing there and kids loved it! At the end I announced that they can try to play trumpet if they want to and everybody wanted!  There was a long waiting line for buzzing. ...
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March 21, 2011
It was a fun but quiet week in WV. Well, the pops show we had was not quiet at all. I couldn't believe how many people were seriously enthusiastic about songs by one group... ABBA. Even kids could sing songs with words! That surprised me. Honesty It was the first time all the audiences in Clay Center totally went wild. I was really happy to be there.

I have 2 days off in Charleston and another week with WVSO will begin.
I have to work productively. There are many things to take care of...Since ...
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Disaster in Japan

March 14, 2011
I was having a wonderful week in Berkeley last week.
We had a great show up there. I've had some great food and met some great people.
After the show, I went out for dinner since I didn't have anything before.
As soon as I go back to the place I was staying, everyone started talking to me. " Is your family ok?"

Earthquakes. In Japan, as you may know, people have a long history of fighting against earthquakes. They've gotten quite a few enormous earthquakes in the past. On the other hand, they've...
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Heading to WV tomorrow.

February 28, 2011
It is gonna be my very first Petrouchka experience ever! Excited.

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An incident on the flight

February 25, 2011
On the flight back from WV yesterday, a man (around 50s) was sitting next to me.
Since he was on window side, he excused me to go to the lavatory. I went back to sleep.
After a while, ( probably an hour or so) his seat was still empty.
This is... weird.

Right before the landing, fortunately he is back.

 " Did you miss me?"  He smiled.

I said " yes "

He seemed really excited. He says, he found one familiar looking attendant when he got out from the room and it turned out she went to college with him...
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Happy New Year

January 12, 2011
Happy new year everybody!
I hope it is going to be a great year for each of you.
I spend Christmas in Toronto with my old friends. It was such a great time. I went back to Japan from there and had a couple of concerts of Brass Quintet. It was really fun! I got to see many of my friends.
I came to Kuala Lumpur for playing with Malaysian Philharmonic. It is absolutely first time to come here so I am really excited!

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Great time in SF

December 11, 2010
I had a such a great time in San Francisco last week! I really enjoyed playing with Berkeley Symphony and had fun with working with conductor Joana Carneiro. I really liked programing of this concert also. (some nice solos for trumpet!) We played two pieces with a singer and she was amazing. I am glad many people showed up in this concert. The venue was almost full.  Berkeley became one of my favorite town. I would love to live there as a student...
I've done many exciting stuff there but the ...
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