Thanks everyone!!

With cooperation of great LA musicians and supportive audiences, Little Tokyo Benefit Concert for Japan 2012 had ended succesfully.

Thank you very much for coming and supporting this concert. All the donation from our supporters had used for sending new sets of Pearl marching drums to H-Seeds/Seeds-Plus Marching Band, Minami-Soma City in Fukushima Prefecture in Japan. I would like to thank for Pearl Musical Instruments Co. Japan for their generous support.

I would like to report my visit in Fukushima this summer 2012. Fortunately I had a chance to go to Aizu, Fukushima for joining a concert (which turned out fantastic experience for me also) in mid August and I decided to go meet kids afterward in Minami-Soma City.  Minami-Soma city is located along Pacific Ocean and is about 16 miles away from nuclear power plants.  In addition to the damage by the Tsunami, they had to leave the home behind because of high radiation levels from collapsed Nuclear Plant. Until April 2012, the town had to remain abandoned.


み なさまのご協力により、前回のコンサートを上回る収益を得る事ができました。寄付いただいた全額をアメリカに本社をもつパール楽器製造の日本支社のご協力を得て、福島県南相馬市で音楽活動を続けるH-Seeds マーチングバンドにマーチングドラムを寄付いたしました。 私尹千浩はこの2012年8月に福島県に滞在する機会があり、南相馬市に足を運んで、彼らに初めて会いにいって参りましたので、ご報告いたしたいとおもいます。南相馬市は津波の影響に加え原子力発電所から近い事もあり、2012年4月まで避難勧告がでておりました。

I was there in mid August and the town seemed still under recovering process even though i saw a lot of people are having normal life. The school H-Seeds originally belongs to, Haramachi Dai-ichi Elementary School became about half the size after the earthquake. The band members are still forced to have 2 separate groups because some kids are still not able to come home. The day I visited was the first day of rehearsal after the summer break but they sounded solid and energetic!




 I gave a brief group session with trumpet students and we relocated to the gym and they performed this year's show just for me!  It was very special and that made my day. That was touching.




Special Thanks to


Higashi Honganji Buddhist Temple, Los Angeles



印南 五月 -Satsuki Innami(フルート- Flute)

稲生由里 -Yuri Inoo

高田直子 -Naoko Takada

平尾乃利子 -Noriko Hirao(以上パーカッショントリオ -Percussion Trio)

大谷楽苑 -Otani Gakuen Choir(合唱)

鈴木仁 -Hitoshi Suzuki(チェロ -Cello)

尹千浩 -Cheonho Yoon

池浦秀樹 -Hideki Ikeura(トランペット- Trumpet)

Modul8 (サックスカルテット -Saxophone Quartet) 

David Crozier: Soprano Sax,
Steve Marsh: Alto Sax,
Scott Shiever: Tenor Sax,
Jeff Dellisanti: Baritone Saxophone


Saho Kim

Postcards Design

Dai Usui









 On my way back to Aizu, I stopped by the ocean. Most of the roads accessible to pacific ocean are still under construction but an ocean side park was the only place I could get to. It was very quiet, peaceful and beautiful place when I was there even though I saw numbers of leftovers from the Tsunami. You see the building far behind in the first picture with a lot of constructions that is the former thermal power plant which is switching to become a  photovoltaic power plant in the future.



Cheonho Yoon